How to prepare tagliatelle with fresh cherry tomatoes and shrimps

Here’s another quick and delicious Italian recipe: tagliatelle with fresh tomatoes and shrimps.

It’s really quick, you can make the sauce while waiting for the pasta water to boil and the pasta to cook.

Start by putting the water for the pasta on the stove.
In a bigger pan, heat olive oil and add a chopped onion and the fresh cherry tomatoes.


When the onion becomes golden, add 250ml of white wine, or if you prefer not to use any alcohol, fish stock. Cover the pan and leave everything to cook.

Don’t forget to put the pasta into the water once it boils. Proceed by cleaning the shrimps, only the meat of the tails will be used.

When done, take the lid off the pan and squash the tomatoes. Then add the shrimps and cover the pan again for the shrimps to cook.


By now the pasta should be done, take it off the heat and put in a strainer.

Take the lid off the pan, add salt and chili powder for seasoning (if you used stock, try before adding any more seasoning) and some fresh herbs (basil, persil and thyme work very well) if available.


Stir the seasoning into the sauce, add the pasta and mix everything.




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