How to prepare peaches with spirit

Simply put we are talking about peaches pickled with grappa. You can do this whatever kind of fruit you want and you can use different kinds of (strong) alcohol. “Rumtopf” is very popular in Germany. You start a big pot with lots of rum in summer and slowly add all different kinds of fresh fruit as they mature during the season. Then you leave it all in a dark place until winter when it’s a lovely addition to icecream and lots of other desserts.

I used peaches (they are a typical product of this part of Italy and so I always end up with lots more than I can possibly eat) and grappa. You will also need a little bit of sugar. The standard recipe says to add 250g sugar for every litre of alcohol, but I personally prefer to use not even half.


First wash your fruit.


Then clean it and cut it into medium sized pieces. Place the fruit and the sugar in your bowl. The mixture is supposed to be kept in the dark, so if you have such a container (e.g. ceramic) that’s great. I happened to have a 2.5l glass “mushroom” jar and so decided to use that and store it in the guestroom closet where it’s dark.


Add the alcohol and make sure every single piece of fruit is completely covered.

Now it only takes lots of time for the grappa to soak the fruit.


Close the container and store it for at least about two months. The fruit will conserve well, so you will be able to slowly use it up during the whole winter.

I had so many peaches, I prepared a smaller mason jar with peaches and rum. Another home-made little gift that will be ready by christmas.


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