Giulia’s Rubberduckies baby quilt

It’s september and time to start about christmas gifts.
Here’s the baby quilt I made for a friend:

“Giulia’s Rubberduckies”

The design is “Rubber Duckies” by Paper Panache.
The pattern is 16×16 inches so I cut the single sections and fotocopied them at 200%. Like this I had the 32×32 inch center that I framed with yellow borders (4 inches on the sides and 10 inches on top and bottom) for a 52 x 40 inch baby quilt.
The front has been made with hand-died fabrics.

Isn’t it cute??!!!


I quilted the water and rubber duckies in the ditch and left the border unquilted so it remained fluffy. I used a medium wool batting.
The backing is a cute childrens’ print with red stripes on top and bottom (I happened to have that piece of handdyed fabric that perfectly matched the stripes on the print).


Here is a picture of a little quilt in the original size of the pattern, the whole quilt, borders included measures just 58cm square (22.8 in). The fabrics are similar, they actually come from the same dyeing batch as the fabrics in the baby quilt, but the yellow is stronger and the blues are a darker.


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